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Joe Moore & Company, Inc. :Pre-Krete Tank Linings

If uninterrupted hot water is important to you, then a Pre-Krete tank lining will provide the reliability and longevity you need from a tank lining. Pre-Krete reduces maintenance costs, lengthens the service life of tanks, and in many cases has saved badly corroded tanks.


Eliminate Brown Water with Pre-Krete


Pre-Krete tank linings can save the life of your tank and save you thousands of dollars!

These pictures are of a pitted and corroded tank before and after a Pre-Krete lining. The rust had turned the potable water brown, so people were drinking, cooking, and showering in brown water. The corrosion was thinning the tank shell, and the tank was nearing the end of its service life. A Pre-Krete tank lining prevents further corrosion, eliminates brown water, and provides the tank with years more of uninterrupted, low-maintenance service.


The Advantages of Pre-Krete over Cement and Epoxy Linings


Pre-Krete is a superior tank lining to cement and epoxy. Cement linings start crumbling after a year due to low tolerance for thermal expansion, and epoxy linings blister and flake away after about a year, allowing corrosion to occur in the pits. Pre-Krete was developed in the 1950′s specifically for tank lining applications. It forms a rock-hard, monolithic barrier that prevents or cures corrosion problems. Pre-Krete is five times more durable than cement and has a higher tolerance for thermal expansion. Unlike cement and epoxy linings, once you install a Pre-Krete tank lining, you can close up your tank and almost never worry about it again.


No matter how corroded your tank is, or if you’re just tired of dealing with cement and epoxy and are ready to start fresh with a new lining, give us a call and we’ll come inspect your tank and discuss your options with you. 919.832.1665